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Egypt Dominates All African Countries in Daily Time Spent on Social Media, 2017 | GlobalWebIndex

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Year after year, millions of Africans are coming online for the first time and the region continues to rise in importance within the digital world. And in terms of their attitude towards social media, African users use fewer platforms for longer and in a more active/engaged way compared to other users around the whole world.

Across the 6 countries surveyed, the average time spent on social media on a daily base overtake the global average which estimated by 02:15 minutes (ex: 03:06 in Egypt and 02:55 in Ghana).

Social media accounts across Africa ranging from about 6 accounts in some countries like Morocco and 10 accounts like in Egypt, compared to about 8 social media accounts on average globally. Those social media users in Africa prefer some social media platforms/apps than others such as Facebook and WhatsApp which dominates their activities with rates of 87% and 83% respectively. Unlike global markets, YouTube lagged behind with only a rate of 64%.

Time Spent on Top Social Media Sites in Africa (Egypt, Morocco & Ghana) 2017

Graph Shows the Social Media Activities in South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya & Nigeria 2017 – GlobalwebIndex.


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