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76% of Marketers Indicated That Determining The ROI of Influencer Marketing Programs as a Challenge in 2018 | Linqia

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Influencer marketing has recently become a hot topic in the digital marketing industry and marketers are realizing its benefits. Many marketers have started adopting influencer marketing over traditional marketing methods to promote their brands and products.

Surveyed marketers reported that one of the most challenges of influencers marketing in 2018 is determining the ROI of their influencer marketing programs with a rate of 76%, while 42% indicated that the social network algorithm changes will affect the visibility of the organic influencer content.

In terms of influencer marketing challenges, surveyed marketers mentioned that the amount of time to manage the influencer marketing programs as a challenge with a rate of 35%.

The Top Influencer Marketing Programs Challenges In 2018

A Graph Shows The Top Influencer Marketing Challenges in 2018.


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