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What Brands Struggles The Most With Marketing Influencers, 2019

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Trusted influencers could lead consumers to accept suggestions and make purchases in the state of e-commerce. Therefore, identification of trusted influencers and effective influencer campaigns has become a popular marketing topic for brands nowadays.
There is still no industry standard for influencer fees, and whilst guidelines and averages can prove a good starting point for negotiations or campaign planning, actual prices observed can be signed with regards to those previous campaigns estimates.

Sales and impressions that can be measured via engagements are the most prominent metrics that brands are looking at it when it comes to measuring success. However, to fully account for the value of influencer marketing, content and its appeal/effectiveness, when deployed via the brands own channels such as social media accounts, email collateral and paid social.

Take a glance at what brands struggle the most with influencer marketing, 2019:

  • 29% of surveyed brands reported that their main challenge with influencer marketing is the negotiation processes.
  • 26% of surveyed brands mentioned that “finding new influencers” is ranked as the second top struggle that they experience the most when it comes to influencer marketing activities.
  • 25% of surveyed brands indicated that justifying the budget to the senior management is ranked as one of their influencer marketing struggles.
  • 11% only of surveyed brands said that the creative direction is one of their influencer marketing struggles that they face.
Influencer marketing Struggles 2019

A Graph Shows What Brands Struggles With Influencer Marketing The Most, 2019.


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Split Reef Scope of Services:

Tailored solutions for brands:

  • Source
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  • Analyze
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    • Post-performance analysis
    • Influencer success evaluation
    • Pdf report
  • Training & Support
    • Looking for niche influencers?
    • Need help with your campaign brief?
    • Not sure how to budget your campaign?

Tailored solutions for influencers

  • Authenticated media kits with Instagram insights :
    • Supports Instagram insights and stories
    • Private link to share with brands
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  • Understand your audience
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