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Accessing & Managing Money 24 Hours a Day is The Most Important Benefit For Digital Banking Users in The UK With a Rate of 81%, 2018 | LloydsBanking

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Online banking is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to manage personal and professional finances.
If you’re already an online banking user, you know how useful it can be. With online banking, internet users can easily move money between all of their accounts and managing it from anywhere at any time. Forget about bankers’ working hours. With online savings or checking accounts, you can check your balance, schedule fund transfers, pay bills and more 24 hours a day, any day of the week.

Take a glance at the benefits of managing money online:

  • Accessing & managing money 24 hours a day is ranked as the most important benefit of managing money online with a rate of 81%.
  • Payments are easier is ranked as the second benefit of managing money online at a rate of 76%.
  • Moving money when they want comes at next as an important benefit of managing money online at a rate of 68%.
The Benefits of Managing Money Online, 2018.

A Graph Shows The Benefits of Managing Money Online The UK, 2018.

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