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Online Millennial Consumers Attitudes, 2019

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Millennials’ buying power looks set to surpass that of all generations before them, and retailers will need to work hard to meet their demands, they’re influencing trends and redefining buying habits. Millennials use mobile for everything from social media and chat, to online research and purchasing. This behavior makes it essential for brands and retailers to be accessible on mobile and offer a consistent, user-friendly experience. The millennials constitute now a large population, and their purchasing power is making them an attractive target for many consumer industries. Therefore, the millennials have become an impressive group to be studied since they have different behaviors compared to other generations.

Take a glance at the millennials digital buyers’ attitudes, 2019:

  • 96% of surveyed millennials reported that they use their smartphones as their main devices for making online purchases, then comes at next laptops/desktop devices with a rate of 74%.
  • 71% of surveyed millennials indicated that their main social media platform is YouTube, then come at next Instagram with a rate of 54%.
  • 46% mentioned that their top motivation factor of using social media is to stay up-to-date on news and events, then come at next filling up spare time as a motivating factor of using social media with a rate of 44%.
Profiling Digital Millennial Buyers 2019

A Profiling Graph Of Millenials Digital Buyers, 2019.


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