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Accessing the News via Internet Is the First Choice in the Morning, 2016 | Reuters Institute

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Many of early morning news habits have been effaced for generations, adding to the addictive nature of smartphones (and smart watches) is also impacting how some people start their day.

Via sample consists of more than 50,000 people through 7 countries, were asked this question “What is the FIRST way you typically come across news in the morning?” found that:

  • 38% of the Americans preferring accessing the morning news via the internet, although 36% prefer TV.
  • 51% of the Japanese turn first to television news in the morning, & 43% of Italians doing the same.
  • 39% in Ireland starting their day with radio news.
  • But in countries with strong reading cultures, like Finland, a significant minority still sit down with a printed newspaper in the morning, even Finland is in other ways extremely digital.

Overall you can find that the internet is the first choice for around a third of news consumers, & half of those are using the smartphone while the other half is using a computer.

Graph Shows The First Way of Accessing News.

A Graph Shows The First Way of Accessing News.

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