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Amazon is The Most Helpful Online Shopping Platform For Browsing New Deals & Daily Discounts With a Rate of 82%, 2018 | Feedvisor

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E-commerce market has great potential, especially the aspect of online shopping, but before every move of development, there are many key factors that restrict the activity of consumers shopping online. Online shoppers take the advantage of any online shopping platform for browsing products, deals, comparing prices and checking availability and delivery speed. Amazon is used for these purposes much more than Walmart, eBay, Alibaba and Jet.

Take a glance at the most helpful online shopping platform in certain situations from online consumes point of view:

  • 82% reported that Amazon is the most helpful platform for browsing new deals and daily discounts.
  • 81% indicated that Amazon is helpful in checking the speed of delivery.
  • 78% said that checking the availability of the product is a helpful factor in using the Amazon online shopping platform.
The Most Helpful Platform in Certain Situations, 2018.

A Graph Shows The Most Helpful Online Shopping Platform in Certain Situations, 2018.


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