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The Biggest Marketing Decision Makers Challenges of Personalization, 2019

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Computerized personalization is applied to customer relationship management, electronic commerce, and information portal services. In order to reach the desired audience and engage with them, brands have to meet them on their terms. The process of segmentation goes some way in differentiating an audience by demographics, behavior or attitude. Essentially, there is no more ‘one size fits all’ marketing and personalization is one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness and relevancy of brands messages something that’s especially needed when it comes to e-commerce.

Personalization techniques vary, from simply addressing someone by name in an email to dynamic content and offers displayed on websites based on previous behavior and browsing history. Personalization isn’t just about the initial point of contact. The more sophisticated the personalization the more individually tailored brands can make each customer’s journey.

Take a glance at the biggest challenges of personalization, 2019:

  • Ensuring the right personalized message reaches the right audience is ranked as the main challenge of personalization by surveyed marketers with a rate of 25.7%.
  • Having the right technology to support personalized content experiences is ranked as the second biggest personalization challenge with a rate of 23.0%.
  • Balancing personalization while maintaining brand voice is ranked also as a personalization challenge by surveyed marketing decision-makers with a rate of 21.8%.
  • Generating personalized content efficiently comes at next a personalization challenge by surveyed marketers at a rate of 16.6%.
The Biggest Challenges of Personalization, 2019.

A Graph Shows The Biggest Challenges of Personalization, 2019.


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