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Acceptance of Alternative Payments & Products Reviews Are Ranked as the Most Important Retailer Application Features in Brazil With a Rate of 67%, 2018 | UPS

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Smartphones are changing the way that consumers shop and interact with retailers, both online and in stores. The ability to research products, look for coupons, and purchase in a moment of need, regardless of location, is empowering consumers. It is the mobile mind shift, and retailers need to fundamentally change their mobile strategies to drive marketing and business outcomes as a result.

Take a glance at the top important retailer application features:

  • Acceptance of alternative payments & product reviews is ranked as the most important retailer application features with a rate of 67%.
  • High-quality product images are ranked as the second top important feature with a rate of 66%.
  • Customer service option comes at next as an important retailer application feature with a rate of 64%.
The Importance of Retailer Application Features, 2018.

A Figure Shows The Importance of Retailer Application Features, 2018.

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