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“” Tops All News Sites in GCC by Over 7 Million Unique Browsers, July 2017 | Effective Measure

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73% of all nationals in the Middle East are getting news and information from the internet according to a survey conducted by the Northwestern University in Qatar.

In terms of the most popular news websites in GCC, here is a list of the top 20 ones:

  • The Saudi news website “ – DMS” remains at the top of all these sites achieving over 7.4 million unique browsers (UBs) and over 56.6 million page views (PVs).
  • This is followed by the Saudi website “” with over 3.5 million UBs and over 40.6 million PVs.
  • The Emirate “” website ranked the third with over 3.4 million UBs and over 26.6 million PVs to be the most widely read newspaper and online site in English in the Middle East.

On another rank, the Saudi “” tops all news websites in GCC in terms of the average visit duration with a total of 07:54 minutes, followed by “” with 06:45 minutes. Tops All News Sites in GCC by Over 7 M Unique Browsers, July 2017 | Effective Measure

The Full List of GCC’s Top 20 Most Popular News Websites in July 2017.


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