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44% of Digital Marketers Are Using Smart TVs Technology in Advertising, 2018 | Salesforce

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The landscape of online advertising is rapidly changing. New technologies have emerged that are not only disrupting traditional online advertising but changing the way in which consumers engage with advertising content. Advertisers expect these technologies will capture more of their audiences’ personal and professional hours.
These technologies are already in our homes such as smart TVs, voice-activated digital assistants and wearable devices present advertisers with exciting opportunities to reach audiences in new ways.

Take a glance at the advertiser’s usage of the new technologies in advertising:

  • 44% of surveyed marketers mentioned that are using smart TVs technology in advertising.
  • 39% reported that they are currently using the voice-activated digital assistants powered by artificial intelligence.
  • 36% said that they are using the wearable device’s technology in advertising.
Technologies Used By Advertisers to Advertise in 2018.

A Graph Shows Technologies Used by Advertisers to Advertise, 2018.


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