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The Most Spent Time on Mobile in US Are on Social Media & Gaming Apps, Jan. 2017 | Fluent

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Smartphone dominates the usage of other popular devices – such as computers/laptops and tablets – with a rate of 55%. That led to an increase in the use of mobile apps. 28% of mobile users in the US use mobile apps for banking, while 25% use them for travel.

On the other side, social media is the mobile app category that mobile users in the US spend the most time on with a rate of 31.9%, narrowly edging out gaming with a rate of 29.5%. Shopping apps ranked the third with 20%, followed by fitness apps which used mostly by 19% of all respondents.

Women are much more likely than men to spend time on social media (37.4% vs. 27.4%), while men are more likely than women to spend time on mobile gaming (32.5% vs. 26%).

The Most Time on Mobile in US Are Spent on Social Media & Gaming Apps, Jan. 2017| Fluent

Graphs Show Some Types of Mobile Apps and Their Usage by Gender in  US.

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