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Digital Buyers in The USA Are Avoiding Shopping Online When They Are on an Unsecured or Public Network With a Rate of 75%, 2018 | Paysafe

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Online shopping security is a concern for everyone who makes purchases on the internet savvy consumers look for security signals at each step along the online purchasing journey. Online shopping security is essential to providing a good retail experience not only for the customer but for the retailer and for every firm involved even indirectly in online commerce.

Take a glance at the digital buyer’s attitudes regarding online shopping security in the USA:

  • 75% of surveyed digital buyers in the USA are avoiding shopping online when they are on an unsecured or public network.
  • 72% mentioned that they would rather use payments methods they have already signed up for than entering their payment details into an unknown website.
  • 68% of surveyed digital buyers reported that systems with two factors authentication where buyers have to enter a code sent to their smartphones in order to make payments are appealing to them.
The USA Digital Buyers Acceptance of Risk When Shopping Online, 2018.

A Graph Shows The USA Digital Buyers Attitudes Regarding Online Shopping Security, 2018.


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