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Use Cases Expected To Occupy Attention & Resources During 2019

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A use case is a list of actions or event steps, typically defining the interactions between a role and a system, to achieve an objective. From a range of potential use cases, data users reported that they are going to prioritize “cross‐channel” initiatives above all others in 2019, maintaining a focus on the harmonization of audience experiences across media. Cross-channel measurement and analytics give the ability to businesses to effectively visualize the path that a customer takes to conversion, analyzing customer behavior and interaction, which allows them to identify what channels drive conversions, popular conversion paths both in and across channels, and a detailed evaluation of specific paths.

Take a glance at the most use cases that expected to occupy the attention and resources during 2019:

  • Cross channel measurement and attributions are ranked as the most use case that expected to occupy attention and resources with a rate of 57.3%.
  • Cross-channel audience identification and matching are ranked as the second most use case expected to occupy attention and resources during 2019 with a rate of 52.4%.
  • Predictive modeling and segmentation come at next as an expected use case that will occupy attention and resources with a rate of 43.9%.
  • General audience analytics also listed as a use case that expected to grab time, attention and resources with a rate of 40.2%.
  • Programmatic media buying for emerging formats is an expected use case that expected to occupy attention and resources also with a rate of 40.2%.
Cases That Occupy Time, attention & resources during 2019

A Graph Shows The Use Cases That expected to Grab Time, Attention & Resources During 2019.


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