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Facebook Issues a Correction on a Post at Singapore Government Demand

Facebook was forced to add a correction to a post after Singapore said it contained false information, presenting fresh questions about how the company will abide by government requests to regulate content.

“Facebook is legally required to tell you that the Singapore government says this post has false information” Facebook states.

At the Government’s end, they released a statement that it had issued an order requiring Facebook “to publish a correction notice” on a November 23 post, which stated accusations about the arrest of a supposed whistleblower, and election rigging.

Singapore said in the statement that the allegations were “false” and “scurrilous” and initially ordered user Alex Tan, who runs the States Times Review blog, to issue the correction notice on the post.

Mr Tan, who says he was an Australian citizen and doesn’t live in Singapore, refused and authorities say he is now under investigation.

Facebook said it had issued a correction notice at the request of the Singapore Government, but called for a more thought out approach to the enforcing of the new “fake news” law.

The increased use of the law comes as speculation mounts that elections could be called within months, although a weak opposition is seen as no match for the long-ruling People’s Action Party.

The new law got into action for the first time Monday, when the Government told opposition party member Brad Bowyer to correct a Facebook post authorities said could “smear the reputation” of two state investment funds.

Bowyer, who’s a Singapore citizen originally from Britain, complied immediately.

Facebook is a major investor in Singapore and announced plans to build a $1billion data centre there, has its Asia headquarters in the city-state.

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