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Published by Facebook: Marketing at Ramadan

With the Holy Month Ramadan approaching, and with around 1.8 billion Muslims around the globe – which makes about 24% of the world population-. So when it comes to business this is a major segment for marketing their services and goods.

Ramadan is more commonly observed in the Middle East and African markets, however, there are plenty of considerations here for all regions, dependent on your audience and your understanding of the event.

Ramadan Marketing Insights by Facebook 2020

Ramadan Marketing Insights by Facebook 2020

Due to the importance of marketing at Ramadan, Facebook has published a new set of insights in addition to a mini-site to help marketers connect with their audience around this time, and to help them with marketing at Ramadan.

“Brands have an opportunity to create meaningful connections during Ramadan by being of service to observers and taking stands on the values and issues important to the community. This should be done in a respectful way because, while business opportunities exist during the month, it is a special time for the community, particularly now when there’s a crisis at hand.” Facebook stated 

According to Facebook, Ramadan usage insights are separated into none different regional markets, besides a collection of global stats on shopping related to the event.

The chart below shows how Ramadan shoppers plan purchases weeks before Ramadan starts. (Chart Shows % of total)

Ramadan Shoppers

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As surveyed by Facebook:

  • 41% of global Ramadan observers report purchasing more during the season.
  • 51% of observers mentioned that Ramadan is a time to find the best deals.
  • As a result: “the number one type of activity observers want to see from brands/businesses on Facebook during Ramadan is good deals, like promotional offers or discounts”.

Consider taking a look at Facebook’s new mini-site to get a better handle on the various considerations, as it is a good place to start, and make sure to take a look at the region-specific insights as well.

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