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Facebook is the place where millions of people come to share their Ramadan experiences and find inspiration. And Ramadan time is also a unique opportunity for brands to engage a large audience, drive actions, by acting on the insights and data about the users and their usage of the largest social network, i.e. Facebook.

Ground Facts:

  • 233 M people on Facebook every Month in the Middle East & Africa.
  • 86% of people on Facebook in the Middle East celebrate Ramadan.
  • In 2016; 5% increase in use Facebook platform in the Middle East.
  • 6 million hours incremental time spent per day in the Middle East multiplied by 30 days of Ramadan in 2016. Which gives brands extra hours to capture attention in the Middle East.

Best Shopping Time During Ramadan:

  • A lot of this extra usage is happening at night, with the largest relative increase in time spent at 3 AM which is the Suhoor time & night time become shopping time.
  • Although shopping continues to happen throughout the day, Ramadan shopping pattern is different than the normal shopping pattern, with the most significant hikes occurs within early to at night.

Top Viral Products During Ramadan:

  • 76% of people surveyed in the UAE intended to buy more clothes in Ramadan.
  • Women are relatively more likely to be talking about supermarkets and groceries compared to other topics.

Ramadan T.V Shows:

  • +137M interaction on Ramadan TV shows +8M individuals posts and about 8M shares.
  • 71% of Facebook users in the UAE and 60% in KSA to say that they are on the platform while watching TV.

Facebook Comes to Life at Ramadan - 2017 | Facebook IQ 1 | Digital Marketing Community

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