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The holiday shopping season is the greatest sales period for retail for the whole year. But what keeps people coming back after the holidays?!!

If they visit your store for a Black Friday deal, what could make them stay loyal?!!

Criteo conducted global consumer research and crunched data across 1.9 billion active monthly shoppers to find answers to these questions and more.

Criteo founded that there’s something more important than a good deal. It’s the customer experience.

Let’s dig deeper into top results of the 2019 holiday marketing report,

A Quick Glance at the Holiday Shopping Season Across the World:

  • Black Friday is going global. And countries with no Thanksgiving to celebrate have coopted the shopping holiday, grabbing huge traffic and sales gains.
  • Last year, Cyber Monday brought significant traffic and sales spikes, though to a slightly lesser degree than Black Friday.
  • 93% of US marketers and 96% of UK marketers run awareness campaigns that aim to reach potential new customers. They depend mainly on omnichannel to sell their products during the holiday shopping season.
  • 1 in 6 of US shoppers and 1 in 8 of US shoppers stopped buying from a brand because the brand values weren’t aligned with their personal beliefs.
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A Map Shows the Black Friday 2018 Sales and Traffic Around the World

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The Art & Science of Customer Experience During Holiday Shopping Season:

  • Over a third of US and UK shoppers (38% and 35%, respectively) go back to a brand for their convenient store locations.
  • 61% of marketers run consideration campaigns through social media, while 49% do so through search marketing.
  • Customer service plays a vital role in building brand loyalty. 40% of US shoppers and 46% of UK shoppers said that good customer service keeps them return to a brand they’ve tried before.
Customers' service plays a vital role in building brand loyalty. 40% of US shoppers and 46% of UK shoppers said that good customer service keeps them return to a brand they've tried before

A Figure Shows the Importance of Customer Service in Making or Breaking Brand Loyalty

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Table of Content of “The 2019 Criteo Holiday Marketing Report”:

  • Reimagining Retail for the Holidays
  • The Art & Science of Customer Experience
  • Customer Experience = Customer Conversion
  • Five Takeaways for a Better Customer Experience

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