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Black Friday & Cyber Monday: The Comprehensive Guide | Justuno

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Black Friday, along with its younger cousin Cyber Monday, are right around the corner. They’re considered the biggest online retail weekend of the year. Shoppers are increasingly turning to e-commerce and online shopping to avoid crowds and find the best deals.

As a retailer, you need to be in the best possible position to take advantage of this shift in shopping behavior. Justuno team put together this comprehensive guide to get retailers ready just in time for the busy season and to help them with their Black Friday and Cyber Monday efforts.

Some Insights to Put in Mind While Planning to Black Friday & Cyber Monday:

  • 23.8% of the 2017 e-commerce revenue came from holiday sales.
  • 30-40% of annual revenue can come from the holiday season.
  • 55% of customers begin holiday shopping in September.
The Time of Researching Vs. the Time of Purchasing During the Holiday Season

A Figure Shows the Time of Researching Vs. the Time of Purchasing During the Holiday Season

Content of “The Black Friday & Cyber Monday” Comprehensive Guide:

  • Set Your Ramp Up Plan
  • Prepare Your Product Pages
  • Map Out Your Sales Strategy
  • Create Marketing Materials
  • Leverage the Power of Free Shipping
  • Incorporate Apps & Software
  • Optimize Your Email Marketing
  • Track Everything
  • Don’t Overlook Mobile Traffic
  • Form Contingency Plans
  • Benchmarks + Industry Opt-Ins
  • Conclusion

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