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Black Friday 2018 Shopping Report | Periscope By McKinsey

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A new poll conducted by Periscope on 2500 consumers from the US, UK, Germany and Canada to better understand changing consumer attitudes to Black Friday and explore how they plan to shop for the 2018 holiday season, what they intend to buy, how much they anticipate spending, and whether they’ll be heading in-store or online to make their purchases.

Let’s take a quick glance at the top line findings:

Black Friday 2018 Shopping Plans

  • 43% of consumers in the USA, 31% in Canada, 30% in the UK and 29% in Germany plan to shop for Black Friday 2018. The majority of them are younger generations.
  • 56% of consumers in the USA, 52% in the UK, 50% in Canada and 43% in Germany indicated that they have done planning for Black Friday 2018.
  • Most of consumers in the USA, the UK and Canada plan to shop during Black Friday for their households, while most of consumers in Germany plan to do so for themselves.
  • 48% of consumers in Germany, 43% in the USA, 40% in the UK and 35% in Canada intend to spend much or a bit more during Black Friday 2018.
Black Friday 2018 Shopping Report | Periscope By McKinsey 1 | Digital Marketing Community

Figures Show the Shopping Budget Comparison Between Black Friday 2018 and 2017 in the USA, UK, Canada and Germany

Shopping Behavior During Black Friday 2018

  • Get benefits from the steep discounts and promotions is the main reason for most of shoppers in the UK, USA, Canada & Germany to shop during Black Friday 2018.
  • Shoppers in the UK and Germany are much more likely to shop online during Black Friday 2018 with rates of 63% & 61%, compare to only 46% in Canada and 33% in the USA.
  • Ease and getting better deals are the main reasons for shopping online during Black Friday 2018.
  • In terms of the Black Friday shopping channels, the computer is ranked the top across all countries (71% in Germany, 67% in Canada, 53% in the USA and the UK too).
  • Amazon still the king of online shopping, with 87% of consumers in Germany, 83% in the UK, 81% in the USA and 77% in Canada plan to shop online from Amazon.
Black Friday 2018 Shopping Report | Periscope By McKinsey 2 | Digital Marketing Community

Figure Show the Most Preferred Shopping Channels During Black Friday 2018 In the USA, the UK, Germany & Canada


Data is based on an online survey conducted in September 2018. The online survey targeted consumers in Canada (507), Germany (505), the United Kingdom (509) and the United States (1001) aged between 18 and 69. They were equally weighted between males and females respondents in all territories.


Founded in 2007, Periscope leverages decades of McKinsey’s marketing and sales experience helping leading global companies improve pricing, promotion, assortments, and performance management. Periscope builds on McKinsey’s codified best practices including 40 years of proprietary benchmarked data. Periscope’s unprecedented combination of software, tailored services, and expertise provides its clients with a granular view of their commercial and financial performance.


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