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Snapchat Delivers Tips for Creating Effective AR Experiences as Lens Usage Increases

Recently, we have seen a massive increase in the social media platforms’ usage due to the lockdowns because of the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Just like other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok; Snapchat did not stand still but also has seen a notable increase in usage. According to Snapchat, it has seen a 50% increase in video calls, besides people who spend 25% more time than normal using Lenses.

However, when it comes to AR tools, over 75% of its users engage with them every day, on average, but that has increased even more in March because people look for alternative ways to engage with the outside world even if it is virtually.

Snapchat AR: Tips for Creating Effective AR Experience

Image by MrJayW from Pixabay

Snapchat Notes About Its New Snapchat AR Lens That;

  • It has seen a 37% increase in Snaps sent using an AR Lens during March, compared to late February. Which leads to an expanded potential for brands.
  • When it comes to the playtime with Sponsered Lens AR experiences it has increased by 18% as the COVID-19 pandemic has developed.
  • As for the Lens swipe up rate with Sponsored Lenses, it has increased by 22% during last March.

If you want to boost your branding, Sponsered Lenses – which are now easier to create than before because of the recent release of Snapchat’s Lens Web Builder tool- can be a great way for that besides the increased interaction with AR tools amid COVID-19.

Additionally, Snapchat has provided five important tips on how to create more engaging and effective Snapchat AR experiences:

  1. Create an entertaining, inspiring or educating experience: you might be able to create more involving, immersive virtual tools that bring something extra, which only AR can provide.
  2. Empower Snapchatters to express their emotions: building emotional connection is key to resonant content, besides considering how AR tools can enable such is another way to use the more immersive experience of AR to widen your brand messaging.
    Snapchat says: “AR Lenses that empower Snapchatters to communicate with a full range of emotions are resonating more than ever because it easily enables our community to share advice, and send love and support to close friends all over the world.”
  3. Drive trail with bringing your product to Snapchatters: people can viably use these tools to get a better real-world perspective on products that they are interested in, without having to visit a physical store.
  4. Transform Snapchatters’ living rooms into a showroom: This is a more advanced usage of Snapchat AR tools, that would require more investment. However, there is a lot of potential here.
  5. Use the tools at your disposal: Build your own AR Lens in minutes with Lens Web Builder, besides working with a Certified Lens Partner to help bring your brand message to the world with AR, and learn how to use Lens Studio and become your own Lens Creator.

Besides these tips, Snapchat is also running an AR marketing webinar on April 23rd, which will provide an overview of successful AR strategies and approaches, sign up for the webinar here.

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