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YouTube CEO Talks Updates at The First Ever Gaming Creator Summit

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was recently called onto stage to answer tough questions from the creator community at the platform’s first-ever Gaming Creator Summit.

One hundred creators from around the world gathered at the end of October in Palm Springs for the three-day event. 

YouTube’s creator summits are invite-only and the platform doesn’t generally release details about them, but Wojcicki’s footage and Ryan Wyatt (YouTube’s global head of gaming and virtual reality) shows this first-of-its-kind gathering was similar to YouTube’s general annual Creator Summits.

A mix-and-mingle for notable creators and platform executives, where YouTube can hear directly from the people producing some of its most-watched content. And hear from them YouTube did.

Wojcicki’s questioning was conducted by longtime YouTuber Matthew Patrick, aka MatPat, the creator of popular channels The Game Theorists (12.1M subscribers) and The Film Theorists (8.05M). He didn’t bother with softball queries; instead, he immediately told Wojcicki that gaming creators feel like they’re “second-class citizens” on YouTube.

“It feels like we’re being segregated off from the rest of YouTube even though we’re delivering a huge value to this platform,” he said. (It’s possible he’s referring to the Gaming vertical, a specialized destination YouTube launched in March to host gaming content — although, to be clear, gaming content is not restricted to the Gaming section. YouTube has two other specialized verticals for Music and Fashion content).

“I think, as you can tell, that I was clear just to ask whatever’s on your mind, and not edit it in any way,” Wojcicki laughed. Then she got more serious: “Gaming is an incredibly important part of our ecosystem.”

She added that when she became CEO in 2014, she put together the first team that solely worked on projects related to gaming creators.

That team, based on feedback from said creators, has since been responsible for the development of some of YouTube’s biggest creator monetization tools, like Channel Memberships, Super Chat, and the newly-introduced Super Stickers, she revealed.

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