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2016 Ramadan Consumer Insights in UAE, KSA & Egypt | YouGov

Shopping Seasons | Egypt

As a part of YouGov annual Ramadan consumer insights in the UAE, KSA, & Egypt study via 1,523 online respondents on the YouGov panel in the UAE (505), KSA (507) and Egypt (511) between 23-29 May 2016.

Discover the expected changes in consumer behavior in and around Ramadan through the results below:

  • The top product demands on, increase during Ramadan are: dates (73%), milk (62%), Yogurt (61%) and powdered soft drinks, squashes and cordials (53%).
  • 59% of consumers in Egypt expect to spend more overall during the Holy month, followed by 56% of consumers in KSA and 46% in the UAE.
  • 68% of the consumers in all 3 countries expect to cover the extra cost using their regular income.
  • 40% prefer to search & buy any brands with the best offers. while the majority (60%)  always prefer to buy from a selection of brands they are loyal to, but 38% will only buy brands that have the best offer/ promotion among them, on the other hand, 22% will always stay brand loyal whether there are offers and promotions or not.
  • 72% of respondents claimed they don’t have any travel plans at all, 63% prefer to spend the Holy month in their country of residence.17% don’t have any travel plans because they have work commitments, this was most prevalent in the UAE (23%), compared to 16% in Egypt & 12% in KSA.
  • Despite low levels of travel during Ramadan, 43% of respondents in all three countries expect to travel during Eid this year. 56% of those are traveling intend to travel within their home country, 30% intend to travel aboard.
  • The most appealing promotions for travelers during Eid are discounted promotional offers on flights (62%), followed by discounts on hotel stays (57%).
  • 43% Prefers price offers, while 35% prefers discounts.
Dates, Yogurt & Milk are the Top Products Sold During Ramadan, 2016 YouGov

A Graph Shows The Top Products That Consumers Intend to Increase Their Consumption of During Ramadan.


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