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2017 Facebook Advertising Budget Benchmark Index | TrackMaven

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There is no doubt that using Facebook for businesses became an essential tool for achieving goals. There is an average of 845,086 active Facebook dark posts for businesses page likes, and an average 592,797 boosting posts of Facebook page likes for business.

Read what written below and identify the spend and performance of Facebook ads, including both dark posts and boosted posts.

  • The average of spending per post for dark posts on Facebook totaled $776.75 which is nearly twice as much as that for boosted posts.
  • Businesses deal with Facebook dark posts as a longer-term strategy; as the average of dark posts is active for 42 days, compared to 27 days for a boosted post.
  • In terms of interactions – likes, shares, comments, or reactions -, boosted posts on Facebook excels dark posts.
  • Boosted posts achieve 73.21% more shares than dark posts on average.
  • Businesses invested more behind dark posts on average, so they obtained higher total reach and impressions on average.
  • 84% of dark posts and 87% of boosted posts are link posts. In contrast, photo posts accounting for 55.9% of posts.
2017 Facebook Advertising Budget Benchmark Index | TrackMaven 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows the Average Facebook Pages Likes for Businesses Ads on Facebook in 2016


By analyzing 90,690 Facebook ads (both dark posts & boosted posts) from September 1, 2016, to September 31, 2016. The businesses in this sample size have an average of 889,202 Facebook page likes & a median of 152,341 Facebook page likes.


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