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2018 Consumer Trends Report: Engaging the Informed Consumer | KIBO

Consumer Behavior | USA

Although the price importance has down by more than 12.8% YOY, it still the top factor influencing purchase decisions. By contrast, the importance of the shopping experience doubled, and the variety and speed of fulfillment options as deciding factors grew by 1.3x and 3x, respectively.

Shipping has also a critical effect on consumers, with 40% of consumers in the US claimed that delivery that takes more than 2 days would prevent them from making a purchase, but at the same time, 63% expect delivery within 3 days as standard.

Find out more insights sheds the light into the US consumers trends for 2018:

Researching and Buying Online in the US

Personalization and the Importance of Inventory Visibility and Fulfillment

  • Personalized recommendations product page and on the homepage have the highest impact on purchasing decisions for 64% and 63% of shoppers in the US.
  • 68% of consumers are less likely to order from a site that doesn’t show in-stock store inventory availability, and 78% of consumers have looked up store inventory before a store visit.
2018 US Consumer Trends Report: US Online Shoppers' Behavior - Kibo

A Graph Shows the Most Important Factors When Purchasing Online in the US – 2018


Data were driven from 3000 US consumers aged 18-50+ and divided equally between males and females.


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