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2018 Holiday Insights Report: An Old-Fashioned, Omnichannel Christmas | Field Agent

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The holiday shopping season is in full swing and holiday shoppers in the US are feeling spend-happy entering the 2018 holiday-shopping season. It expected that shoppers will spend billions on gifts, groceries, garland, and greeting cards galore so it’s a make-or-break moment for retailers. Field Agent’s 2018 holiday insights report provides retailers, brands, and agencies a crucial data at Americans’ 2018 holiday-shopping plans and expectations. Let’s take a sneak peek at the top line findings:

Holiday Spending in the US by Category

  • First of all, 40% of shoppers in the US claimed that they would begin their 2018 gift-shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or even earlier in November.
  • Walmart (85%) and Amazon (82%) art the top two retailers that American shopper plan to purchase their holiday gifts from, followed far by Target with only 39%.
  • The vast majority of parents surveyed indicated that their daughters and sons are more likely to receive clothes/footwear/wearable accessories as gifts for this Christmas. These are followed by arts/crafts/creative for daughters and video gaming for sons.
  • 73% of girls ages 2-9 are much more likely to receive dolls or doll accessories, compared to only 19% of girls ages 14-17.
  • Husbands are more likely to purchase jewelry/watch for their wives, while wives are more likely to purchase clothing/footwear for their husbands a holiday present in 2018.
  • Gift cards are a coveted holiday present for more than 61% of holiday shoppers in the US. Gift cards or cash are also the top general wish among adult men and women.
  • Again, Walmart is the top retail website that American shoppers are likely to purchase Christmas greeting cards from (39%), followed by Dollar Tree (23%) and Target.
Online Holiday Shopping in the US - Holiday Spending in the US in 2018

A Graph Shows the Proportions of Willingness to Purchase Gift Cards for Others in the 2018 Holiday Season

Online Holiday Shopping in the US in 2018

  • 53% of holiday shoppers in the US indicated that they’re completely likely to buy gifts online/ in-app this holiday season, while 26% are very likely to do so.
  • 65% of online shoppers in the US plan to spend most of their digital dollars with Amazon, while only 19% indicated to do so with Walmart.
  • Electronics gifts (48%), entertainment (44%) and clothing/footwear (44%) are the top three categories that shoppers in the US would purchase online for the 2018 shopping season.
  • Walmart and Amazon are the top retailer-specific mobile apps expected to be used with rates of 70% and 58%, respectively.
Online Holiday Shopping in the US - Holiday Spending in the US in 2018

A Graph Shows the Proportions of Willingness to Buy Gifts Online and/or in-app in the 2018 Holiday Season


Data in this report is based on five different mobile surveys with five different sample sizes. The total of respondents reached 13,207 US adults aged 18-64 years old. 49% of them are males and 51% are females. Surveys were conducted September 9-17, 2018.

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