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A recent survey was conducted in order to better understand how account-based marketing (ABM) practitioners are using an account-based strategy in their B2B businesses, the role technology plays in its execution, the challenges they’re facing, the results they’re experiencing, and what these findings mean for how ABM will mature throughout 2019.

The Top-Line Findings of the 2018 State of Account-Based Marketing Report:

  • 45.5% of sales and marketing professionals indicated they currently have an account-based marketing program for less than one year.
  • The top three goals for ABM practitioners in 2018 were new business acquisition (73.5%), pipeline acceleration (62.1%), and lead generation (52.1%).
  • Over 41% of total respondents report that their biggest challenge is the difficulty in measuring and reporting on account-level results.
  • CRM systems topped att tools used for reporting on the success of ABM efforts. However, over half of respondents continue to do some reporting manually.
2018 State of Account-Based Marketing: A Figure Shows the Most Used Tools to Report on the Success of ABM Efforts in 2018

A Figure Shows the Most Used Tools to Report on the Success of ABM Efforts in 2018

The Content of “2018 State of Account-Based Marketing” Report:

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
    • Respondent Breakdown
  • Key Findings
    • Growing Adoption
    • Program Goals
    • Goals for Advanced ABM Programs
    • New Challenges
    • Last Year’s Challenges
    • Budget
    • Improvement Over Time
  • Diving into the Details
    • The Growing Importance of ABM
    • Target Account Selection
    • List Building
    • Frequency
    • Criteria
  • Technology
    • Building an ABM Tech Stack
    • Adding and Consolidating Technology
    • Improving Reporting and Measurement
  • Measuring Results
    • Reporting Performance
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Ideal KPIs
    • Moving Towards Success
  • Conclusion
  • About Our Contributors
  • About Our Partners

Number of Pages:

  • 37 Pages.


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Data is based on a survey of 211 sales and marketing professionals from organizations that range from SMB to large enterprise, across a range of industries. The survey was conducted over two weeks in November – December 2018.

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