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In this 2023 trends report, we will witness the strength of globally harmonized consumer survey data. In this 2023 trends, you will know the most need-to-know trends for anyone looking to understand the consumer mindset in the next year.

This 2023 trends report answers it all, how do consumers feel about crises? What are they doing differently as a result? What’s the deeper impact on people’s worldviews and priorities?

Let’s answer it all…

The World Wide Ebb

Were you lucky enough to access the web for the very first time on August 6th, 1991? Well, whether you were lucky or not, it wasn’t much to look at back then.

Also, the same goes for the first YouTube video, the first Tweet, or the first Livestream.

The following chart shows the average daily time spent online in h:mm:

Connecting the Dots: Discovering the 2023 Trends | DMC

  • Sources and countries can vary, however, most adults are awake for almost 15 hours a day.
  • Also, in that time, they average 6 hours and 43 minutes online through mobile, PC, laptop, or tablets.
  • So, what does that mean? it means that almost half of the time spent awake is spent online.
  • As shown, for a period of time, time spent online grew rapidly, soaring 41 minutes between 2013 and 2017.
  • However, suddenly something changed, slipping between 2018 ad 2019, even though it picked up again throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this proved to be short-lived.

Improving the Online Experience:

Google search bar is known to be the most famous starting point for people aged 25 when they go online and want to find information.

Finding information is the first reason consumers in this 2023 trends report say they use the internet, however, it’s also one of the fastest-failing reasons why they use it too (-14% since Q3 2018).

However, finding information is not like before as social media algorithms can surface it before we even know what we’re looking for!

Not only that but also other things like sharing opinions, keeping up with the news, and of course, generally browsing the internet are down too. On the other hand, services like TikTok have taken foundational online activities and improved on them.

The next chart shows the biggest percentage decreases since Q3 2018 in reasons for using the internet.

Connecting the Dots: Discovering the 2023 Trends | DMC

You can check the full 2023 trends report here!

The Table of Contents of the “Connecting the Dots: Discovering the Trends That Will Dominate 2023” Report:

  • Intro
  • The worldwide ebb
  • Seen on social
  • You, me, web3
  • Live a little
  • Environmental apathy

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