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Every year we witness new social media trends, and in this report, we will know more about social media trends in 2022! We can see that since 2020, TikTok continues its impressive growth and the number of consumers using TikTok has grown by 32%.

Not only that but also, compared to 2020, people in North America are more likely to log onto platforms with commercial activities in mind.

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Time Spent on Social Media:

Since Q2 2021, time spent on social media has increased in 32 of the 47 countries we track, with consumers in MEA upping their usage by around 20 minutes in the space of a few months.

Moreover, time spent on social media has been a rollercoaster between 2014-2018, as the average time spent on networks was making steady strides forward, increasing by almost 40 minutes.

Since 2020, there’s been a 12% rise in people saying they use social media less than they used to.

The chart below shows the average time in h: mm that each region’s online consumers spend using social media on a typical day.

The Biggest Social Media Trends for 2022 | DMC

  • According to the social media trends report, the time spent in Latin America in Q3 2019 was 3:29 hours.
  • On the other side, in the Middle East and Africa, it was 3:15 hours in Q4 2019.
  • Also, Globally in Q1 2020, it was 2:23 hours.
  • Moreover, in Asia Pacific in Q2 2020, it was 2:22 hours.
  • And in North America in Q3 2020, it was 2:05 hours.
  • Finally, in Europe in Q4 2020, it was 2:00 hours, in Q1 2021 it was 2:03 hours, in Q2 2021, it was 2:02 hours, and in Q3 2021, it was 2:03 hours.

Daily Time Spent on Social Media

Many consumers look forward to spending less time on social media, however, there are things brands can do to add value and ensure their content lands with the younger audience.

Let’s check the chart below that shows that Gen Z is the most concerned about time spent on social media.

The Biggest Social Media Trends for 2022 | DMC

  • According to the insights of social media trends, 37% of Gen Z say they worry about spending too much time on social media.
  • As well as 28% of Millennials, 22% of Gen X, 16% of Baby Boomers who agree with the same thing.
  • Other insights in the social media trends report, 24% of Gen Z say that they’re using social media less than they’re used to.
  • And 24% of Millennials, 23% of Gen X, and 21% of Baby Boomers also agree with that.

You can find out more about social media trends in 2022 here!

The Content of ” The Biggest Social Media Trends for 2022” Report:

  • Discover our data
  • Key insights
  • Time spent on social media
  • The top-performing platforms
  • The main differences between markets
  • Keeping tabs on behavioral trends
  • Speaking of social commerce
  • More from GWI
  • Appendix
  • Notes on Methodology

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All figures in this report are drawn from GWI’s online research among internet users aged 16-64. Our figures are representative of the online populations of each market, not its total population. Note that in many markets in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region, low inter-net penetration rates can mean that online populations are more young, urban, affluent, and educated than the total population. Each year, GWI interviews over 700,000 internet users aged 16-64 via an online questionnaire for our Core dataset.

A proportion of respondents complete a shorter version of this survey via mobile; hence the sample sizes presented in the charts may differ as some will include all respondents, and others will include only respondents who completed GWI’s Core survey via PC/laptop/tablet.


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