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The Digital Life of US Moms, 2016 | Millward Brown Digital

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Moms control about $2 trillion in purchasing power in the US, so reaching this segment of the population is important to many marketers.

The following points provide a glance at the digital life of moms in the US:

  • More than 70% of women with children spending time on digital devices in their daily lives.
  • Moms are more likely to spend their time on digital media using devices such as mobile, tablet and PC/Laptops.
  • Moms with younger children are more likely to interact with brand assets than moms with elder children.
  • The share of tablet time of overall population totaled with 16.1%, while the share of tablet time for moms totaled with 20.1% for moms with children 6 to 16, and 19.6% for Moms with children under 6 years.
  • Moms are also more likely to own tablets, gaming consoles, fitness bands and online streaming services than the overall population.
The Digital Life of Moms Q2-2016 Millward Brown Digital

A Graph Shows the Share of Daily Media Time of US Moms in 2016

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