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In order to get an answer to this question “Has ad blocking peaked?”, you need to know that fewer people are annoyed with online ads than in 2018, however, ad block usage is dropping from 2016 to 2020.

Globally, the share of sessions blocked by ad blockers has clearly decreased on both mobile and computer. Even though ad blocking is decreasing, we still see those unnecessary ads are a significant issue.

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Half of the Online Population Are Annoyed With Ads on Websites

Even though the majority of people still having a negative attitude towards ads on websites besides those in online video clips, we still see that fewer people are bothered with the ads they are exposed to.

Moreover, at the same time, brand perception is more affected by where the brands are advertising.

Without further ado, the chart below shows people’s attitude towards ads on websites.

New Study: Has Ad Blocking Peaked? 2020 | DMC

How Many People Use Ad Blockers?

Even though the majority of people use ad blocking, particularly by men and the younger generations, we still can see that there are fewer people are using ad blockers.

Despite the time spent on mobiles is increasing, ad blocking still a computer phenomenon. It is reported that almost three times as many people use ad blockers on their computers compared to their mobiles.

Also, one third in the Nordics don’t know what an ad blocker is.

The chart below shows that fewer people use ad blockers

New Study: Has Ad Blocking Peaked? 2020 | DMC

  • As we can see in the US the percentage of people who used an ad blocker in 2016 was 52%, 39% in 2018, 41% in 2020.
  • In the UK, 47% of people used an ad blocker in 2016, but in 2018 the percentage decreased to 41%, and in 2020 it continued to decrease to 36%.
  • On the other hand, in Germany, in 2018, 49% of people said they use an ad blocker, however, in 2020, the percentage decreased to 48%.

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The study is a part of AudienceProject Insights 2020. Data is collected through online surveys done in Q2 2020. The respondents have been selected from our Nordic, German, UK, and US panels consisting of more than 1.5 million panelists and weighed to achieve representativity on the more than 14.000 respondents who completed the survey.


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