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B2C Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends | CMI & MarketingProfs

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Content Marketing Institute has produced its ninth annual content marketing survey in participation with MarketingProfs. This report surveyed about 300 B2C marketers to investigate how content marketers reach those audiences, where they’re investing to do it, and what they’re most concerned about.

Key Findings of the B2C Content Marketing 2019:

  • 57% of B2C marketers surveyed expect their content marketing budget to increase in 2019 compared with 2018.
  • 74% said their organization’s content marketing is much/somewhat more successful compared with one year ago.
  • 33% have a documented content marketing strategy, compared with 41% who have a non-documented one.
  • 40% describe their organization’s proficiency with the use of content marketing technology as intermediate; another 30% describe it as a novice.
  • Social media listening, website analytics, and keyword research are the top three techniques B2C content marketers use to research their audience(s).
How B2C Marketers Rate Their Organization’s Commitment to Content Marketing - 2019

A Figure Shows How B2C Marketers Rate Their Organization’s Commitment to Content Marketing

Content of the “B2C Content Marketing 2019” Report:

  • Welcome
  • Key Findings
  • Overall Success
  • Maturity
  • Commitment
  • Strategy & Opinions
  • Technology Use & Proficiency
  • Audience Research & Nurturing
  • Content Creation & Distribution
  • Budgets & Spending
  • Goals & Metrics
  • Content Marketing Issues of Importance
  • Methodology
  • About

Number of Pages:

  • 40 Pages


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Data is based on a total of 1,947 recipients from around the globe; representing a full range of industries, functional areas, and company sizes. The survey was conducted during June and July 2018.

This report focuses on the findings from the 299 respondents who indicated their organization is for-profit, primarily selling products/services to consumers (B2C) or to both businesses and consumers (B2B and B2C), with the percentage of B2C business exceeding 50%.

Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

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Before evolving into what is now the Content Marketing Institute, the organization was known as Junta42. Junta42 launched in 2007 as the industry leader in content marketing matching. Content Marketing Institute (CMI) was founded by Joe Pulizzi, the leading evangelist for content marketing and launched in May 2010.It is a leading global content marketing education and training organization, teaching enterprise brands how to attract and retain customers through compelling, multi-channel storytelling. CMI publishes the bi-monthly magazine Chief Content Officer and offers strategic consulting and content marketing research for some of the best-known brands worldwide. CMI’s Content Marketing World event, the largest content marketing-focused event, is held every September in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and the Intelligent Content Conference event is held every spring.


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