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Back-to-School 2018: 1,001 Moms Talk BTS Shopping | Field Agent

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Back-to-school shopping (BTS/B2S) adds up. The season is in full swing but retailers still have concerns about sales they expect. In 2017, the National Retail Federation (NRF) estimated the total K-12 back-to-school spending at $30 billion and it’s expected to reach $55 billion this year.

Cut through the noise and be in the know of the expectations, attitudes, and behaviors of US Moms toward BTS shopping in 2018.

Insights into Spending on Back-to-School of US Moms in 2018

  • More than half of US moms (53%) intend to spend more on BTS shopping in 2018, while 40% will spend the same.
  • Eight out of ten of US moms agreed with that the back-to-school shopping season is a strain on their personal budget.
  • 71% of US moms claimed that they’ll follow a school-provided shopping list when buying school supplies for the 2018-19 school year.
  • 58% of US moms indicated that their children have a great influence on BTS clothing/footwear purchases.

Insights into Supplying Back-to-School for US Moms in 2018

  • More than nine out of ten of US moms intent to purchase school supplies for Back-to-School 2018-19 from Walmart, while 65% will purchase from Target and 40%will purchase from Dollar Tree.
  • In terms of online retailers, 79% of US moms intend to purchase school supplies for the 2018-19 BTS season from Amazon, and 52% will purchase from Walmart.
  • In terms of the most used omnichannel methods, in-store pickup and app-based ordering ranked at the top with rates of 52% and 41% respectively.

Insights into Feeding & Clothing Back-to-School for US Moms in 2018

  • Fresh/packaged fruit (88%) and salty snacks are the most preferred for children’s packed lunches.
  • Target (60%), Walmart (59%) Kohl’s (46%) and Old Navy (46%) are the top retailers that US moms purchase attire and/or footwear for Back-to-School 2018-19.
Back-to-School 2018: 1,001 Moms Talk BTS Shopping | Field Agent 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows the Most Preferred Retailers for Purchasing School Supplies for Back-to-School 2018-19 School Year


Data were driven from 1.001 moms of K-12 children in the USA who aged from 25-64 years old.

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