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Back to School Supplies Lists and Online Shopping in US, 2016 | NRF

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The back-to-school season offers an incredible opportunity for retailers,

To inform your digital marketing strategy by using these trends and tips, you’ll be better able to position your business for success:

  • Back-to-school shopping in the US reached $27.3 billion in total spending in the 2016 season.
  • 84% of parents won’t purchase online without free shipping.
  • Online B2S shoppers plan to make over a third (34%) of their purchases online.
  • Those parents who tend to buy from online websites plan to purchase from an average of 3 websites.
  • 62% of those parents plan to visit supercenter sites, 35% online office supply and 18% online clothing retailers.
84% of parents won't purchase online without free shipping based on NRF

84% of Parents’ Online Purchases Are Driven By Free Shipping Based on NRF, 2016


Data were driven from a flash poll of 502 US parents with children in K-12 to learn more about their online shopping habits and the never-ending back-to-school supplies lists.


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