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Brand Discovery Report: The Tactics That Work, Q3 2017 | GlobalWebIndex

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“Brand discovery” is the first step in the customer journey. It’s the first consumers’ moment of contacting with a new brand. It’s also a make-or-break moment need from any marketer to understand the ways in which consumers get their first steps in today’s micro-moments era.

Take a deep look at the key methods of brand promotion including ad effectiveness, recommendation, influencer marketing, social media and sponsored content:

Receptiveness to Ads – Which Types of Ads Are Consumers Most Receptive to?

  • 42% of internet users globally surveyed said that they tend to buy brands they see advertised.
  • Younger, females and high-income consumers are more likely than elder, males and low-income ones to be influenced by advertising.
  • While there’s a decent 30% discover new brands or products via online ads, but broadcast TV still remains the most effective form of advertising.
  • Younger consumers are more likely to discover brands’ ads via in-app advertising. 16-44s are over twice as likely as 55-64s to do so.

Ad-Blocking – How Are Ad-Blockers Impacting Ad Effectiveness?

  • 32% of internet users surveyed said they blocking ads on their desktop each month, with 31% doing so on mobile.
  • Asian consumers are more likely to block ads than other consumers around the whole world.

Online Reviewing:

  • A total of 47% of internet users have posted a review of a product, company or service the month previous the survey.
  • The vast majority of them aged 25-44 years and also most of them are from India and Indonesia markets.
  • Males are more likely than females to do so (50% vs. 44%).
  • Over a third (35%) said that reviews affect their purchasing decisions.
  • 57% said they always like to seek an expert opinion before buying something.

Brand Discovery on Social Media – How Impactful Is Social Media Marketing on the Purchase Journey?

  • First of all, the digital consumer spends an average of 2 hours 13 minutes a day on social networks/services.
  • Over a third of internet users globally (36%) following their favorite brands on social media.
  • Females are more likely than males to find out about new brands, products or services by the recommendation on a social network (25% vs. 22%).
Build Your Brand Strategy & Ads Tactics | Brand Discovery Report Q2 2017

A Graph Shows the Percentages of Consumers who Find out Info. About New Brands via Personalized Purchase Recommendations, 2017


Data were driven from over 350,000 internet users aged 16-64 years old.


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