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Thriving in the outcome of COVID -19 is all about keeping consumers on side, and moving with them.

Moreover, doing this means listening to what they’re asking for, understanding what they want from you, besides changing your strategy to meet their needs. This is where consumer insight plays an important role.

Let’s go through the brand survival amid COVID-19 report for more information.

Sustainability Will Keep Growing in Importance:

Based on this brand survival amid COVID-19 report, globally 3 in 4 say it will be important that companies behave more sustainably. The following chart shows the percentage of people who think that reducing their carbon footprint now has the following importance because of coronavirus.

Brand Survival in the New Consumer Landscape 2020 | DMC

Over 2 in 3 think it will be more important than before to reduce their personal usage of single-use plastic.
However, 7 in 10 feel there will be heightened importance on reducing their personal carbon footprint / environmental impact.

Online shopping Will Continue to See a Big Boost

Based on the brand survival amid the COVID-19 report, online shopping is set to grow, moreover, this enthusiasm has increased since April, showing no signs of waning even as more countries move into the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

46% plan to shop online more after the outbreak (+3% since April).

Here’s a figure about online shopping drivers and the percentage of people who say when shopping online, these features would most increase their likelihood of buying a product.

Brand Survival in the New Consumer Landscape 2020 | DMC

  • 52% said free delivery.
  • In addition to 39% who said coupons and discounts.
  • Moreover, 33% said reviews from other customers.
  • Additionally, 32% said an easy return policy.
  • Finally, 29% said the quick\easy online checkout process.

Check the full report here.

The Table of Content of “Road to Recovery: Brand Survival in the New Consumer Landscape” Report:

  • Introduction
  • Knowing where to pivot and why
  • Smarter spending: Rethinking your marketing
  • Sector spotlights
  • Reinforce connections, revive the demand

Number of Pages:

  • 43 pages


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