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Social media data, such as profiles, connections, likes, shares, as well as posts, can be used to create incredibly relevant marketing.

The information acts as a road map to consumers’ preferences, interests, as well as beliefs. However, marketers face challenges in mining the data, identifying as well as creating valuable segments based on the data, and targeting those segments with completely unique relevant products, offers, and messages.

This “Social Media Consumer Segmentation” answers B2C marketers’ most pressing questions about how these segments work, how they can be used, and who to contact to generate them.

Without further ado, let’s go through the report.

What Are Social Media Consumer Segments?

According to the social media consumer segmentation report, in contrast to a customer segment, a social media consumer segment is also known as a market segment. It is built from the entire market, not just a specific type of market that is the brand’s customer base (which could come, for example, from data in its CRM system).

The Social Media Consumer Segmentation Report 2022 | DMC

Moreover, a social media consumer segment is created from social media user data such as social actions and those are shares, faves, likes, and unstructured data within social posts that data owners are willing to share.

Furthermore, social consumer segments provide a radically expanded set of traits, characteristics, or commonalities that marketers can efficiently use for market understanding, targeting, messaging, and much more.

Why Are Social Media Consumer Segments Valuable?

This is an important question to ask, and in the next lines, we will explain it all..As we see, Forrester’s analysis of empowered consumers fags a growing desire by consumers to gain attention in order to be seen as unique and to get exclusive treatment.

According to the social media consumer segmentation report, here are the reasons social media consumer segments are valuable:

  • They provide more relevant, and richer foundations for defining an audience: Consider all of the various ways you could identify people based on their social activities: interests, affinities, values, and so on.
  • Provide insights into otherwise unknown audiences: social consumer segments give for example luxury brands an angle to understand an otherwise mysterious group.
  • Work more accurately and quickly than traditional forms of market research: Marketers are accustomed to relying on large market research firms such as Ipsos, Gallup, as well as Kantar to conduct in-depth studies on prospective customer groups, which can take months. A social consumer segment, on the other hand, can be created in a matter of days or hours, allowing marketers to act faster.

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Social Media Consumer Segmentations: How Can Marketers Use Social Media Consumer Segments?

As we know, social consumer segments provide a great and powerful new input to the consumer segmentation strategy, they don’t replace it.

Moreover, marketers are able to use social media consumer segments to quickly identify unique approaches to marketing consumers, because these approaches stem from varied and rich social data, and they provide competitive differentiation.

Here are the four primary jobs, marketers use social media consumer segmentation to do:

  • Develop more relevant messages.
  • Identify new topics to inspire engagement.
  • Provide a data-driven foundation for a contextual ad targeting strategy.
  • Select more relevant sponsorships based on the interests of a consumer segment.

Make sure to check the full report on social media consumer segmentation here!

The Table of Contents of “ What Marketers Need To Know About Social Media Consumer Segmentation” Report:

  • Social Media Consumer Segments Make Marketing Uniquely Relevant
  • 1. What are social media consumer segments?
  • 2. Why are social media consumer segments valuable?
  • 3. How can marketers use social media consumer segments?
  • 4. What kinds of social media consumer segments are there?
  • 5. What are the limitations of social media consumer segments?
  • 6. Who develops social media consumer segments?
  • 7. What’s next for social media consumer segments?

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