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The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that there’s never been a stronger case for harmonized research. In this consumer trends 2021 research, we’ve found some of the strongest variables impacting both B2C and B2B behaviors have been when the coronavirus hit, the severity of cases, types of economies, besides climate.

How The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Reshape City Life:

Based on the consumer trends report, The COVID-19 pandemic has, without doubt, contributed to a growing desire to escape from the city, however, one that’s not so much defined by the movement of people as it is by a shift in the urban mindset. Moreover, A desire for a city escape might be on the cards –anyhow, mostly for those who can afford it.

The chart below shows the percentage of people who agree with the following statement: my career/employment has become more important because of the outbreak.

The Ultimate Consumer Trends Report 2021 | DMCAll Work And No Play

The perception is: a good work-life balance means protecting the 9-5, however, the reality is: since 2019, the number of workers who always work late and say they have a “good work-life balance” has grown 22%
According to the connecting the dots research, a positive work-life balance drives productivity and satisfaction.

The chart below shows the percentage of people who have poor work-life balance and those with good work-life balance.

The Ultimate Consumer Trends Report 2021 | DMC

  • According to the chart, 38% of people with a poor work-life balance say productivity levels are good/excellent where they work.
  • On the other hand, 84% of people with a good work-life balance say the same.
  • According to the consumer trends 2021 research, 66% of people with a good work-life balance say that they are satisfied with their job.
  • On the other hand, only 21% of those with poor work-life balance are satisfied with their job.

The Table of Content of “Connecting The Dots: Consumer Trends for  2021” Report:

  • Intro
  • There’s no place like home
  • All work and no play
  • More than lookdown blues
  • It’s a kindness magic
  • 2020: A year in insights
  • A green awakening
  • Coming of age
  • The digital storefront
  • Data for good

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