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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers’ behaviors have started to change in all aspects. This COVID-19 trends report gives you a closer look like a marketer as it takes a deep-dive into pressing topics for marketers and brands, as it provides a trended perspective on the COVID-19 impact.

Let’s dive deep into the COVID-19 trend report.

COVID-19 Trends: The Economic Outlook:

Even though the concern is slowing down, but the anticipation of long disruption periods continues to grow. Regardless of the falling concern but the expected duration of the outbreak is lengthening. Not only the global level but also within their own countries.

Consumers are more pessimistic about the chances of overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following figure shows the concern levels of internet users in 13 countries.

COVID-19 Trends: The Big Consumer Shifts 2020 | DMC

Concern levels drop while the perceived length of the crisis increases.

Consumer Spending Amid COVID-19

Even though consumers are a little worried about their personal situation, they still conservative with purchases.
It is reported that 41% of consumers are waiting for products to be on discount or sale, promotions will be key for resuming purchases faster.

Note that: Day-to-day purchases are also getting delayed along with big-ticket spending. Even though the delaying big-ticket purchases rare is 80% and it is double that of day-to-day ones 39%, the gap in the projected time frame of this delay isn’t as large.

The following chart shows the personal situation is back to where it was in Mid-March

COVID-19 Trends: The Big Consumer Shifts 2020 | DMC

The following chart shows that purchases are getting delayed

COVID-19 Trends: The Big Consumer Shifts 2020 | DMC

Make sure to check the full COVID-19 trends report and check the following aspects:

  • Economic outlook
  • Consumer spending
  • Brand response
  • Return to normal
  • Entertainment behaviors

The Table of Content of “Coronavirus: The Big Consumer Shifts So Far Report”: 

  • Introduction
  • Key insights
  • Economic outlook
  • Consumer spending
  • Consumer spending: travel & luxury
  • Brand response
  • Entertainment behaviors
  • Return to normal
  • Notes on Methodology
  • More from GlobalWebIndex

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All figures in this report are drawn from GlobalWebIndex’s online research among internet users aged 16-64. We only interview respondents aged 16-64 and our figures are representative of the online populations of each market, not its total population. Note that in many markets in Latin America, the Middle-East and Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region, low internet penetration rates can mean online populations are more young, urban, affluent, and educated than the total population.

Unless otherwise stated, figures in this report are drawn from a Wave 4 of COVID-19 custom recontact research fielded in 20 countries between May 19 – 26 2020. Countries included Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, the UK, and the U.S. Where clearly noted, this report also draws on data from previous GlobalWebIndex’s custom recontact studies fielded between Each year, GlobalWebIndex interviews over 688,000 internet users aged 16-64 via an online questionnaire for our Core dataset.


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