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Cross-Market Comparison of Mobile Trends & Behaviours, Sep 2017 | Comscore

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Nowadays internet citizens are living their lives on multiple screens more than ever. They do everything on their devices especially their phones, including chatting, studying and even shopping. So, whatever your business is, you need to pay full attention to this new group of target customers who are transitioning to using mobiles rather than desktops for their social life.

Take a sneak peek at the mobile users digital time spent using mobile phones across 14 markets surveyed:

Mobile Audiences:

  • More than a quarter of global internet users are now active on mobile only. The highest rates are in India (70%), Indonesia (67%) Mexico (37%) and Brazil (29%).
  • 28% of mobile-only users age are between 25-34 years old. They represent the highest age rate.
  • Females are more likely to be mobile-only internet users than males. Ex: In Italy, mobile-only females represent 79% versus 70% of males.
  • Sending/receiving instant messages (80%) is the most content category driven by mobile-only usage.

Mobile Category Dynamics:

  • More than a quarter of time spent on mobile are on social networking and instant messengers.
  • Mobile users in France, Germany & Canada are more likely to spend more of their mobile time on gaming than other countries.

M-Commerce & Mobile Transactions:

  • Time spent on mobile banking/retail increased especially in Indonesia (91%), India (87%) and China (86%).
  • 39% of mobile users in the USA are making a retail purchase on the mobile per month, compared to 38% in the UK and 30% in Canada.

Mobile App Usage:

  • Top 30 apps in all markets grabbed over 40% of all time spent on mobile and around 60% in Malaysia, Indonesia & Mexico.
  • Gaming apps are the most significant number of apps in almost all markets.
  • Facebook leads all social apps across almost all markets, especially in Canada (79%), USA (75%) and France (74%).
Cross-Market Comparison of Mobile Trends & Behaviours, Sep 2017 | comScore

Time Spent on Mobile in the Above Countries According to the 2017 Global Mobile Report


Data were driven from 1,033 smartphone users across 14 markets (USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, China, India, Indonesia & Malaysia). The survey was conducted in July 2017.

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