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Digital Banking Adoption in MENA, Q2 2016 | OMD


Mobile banking users in the Middle East and Africa are predicted to exceed 80 M by 2017, although the penetration of mobile payment services has been very limited.

From this point, here is the digital banking overview in the MEA region:

  • 46% of Middle East banking users surveyed shows the highest rates of adoption. the survey also shows that 60% in KSA, 52% in UAE, and 46% in Egypt use both online and mobile banking.
  • KSA and UAE both achieved the highest adoption of digital banking with rates 60% and 52%, respectively, followed by Egypt with rate 46%, while Jordan is the lowest country that has non-adopters of digital banking.
  • The top reasons for adopting digital marketing in UAE and Lebanon is its ability to access anytime, anywhere, its ability to reduce banking time, and made banking transactions easier.
  • It’s important to notice that, higher income respondents use a broader range of services of digital banking adoption and use them more often than lower income respondents.
  • The most frequent activities used in digital banking are checking bank statements with a rate of 62% and managing bank accounts for 61% and that done at least once a week.
  • The prime barriers to adoption digital banking in the region are related to the trust, that 40% of respondents, Countries like Jordan and Lebanon prefers dealing with banks, while 27% of respondents in the UAE and Egypt are worried about the security.
  • Cash still the most preferred payment method in the MEA region, followed by credit cards, then debit cards.Digital Banking Adoption in MENA Q2 2016, OMD

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