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Digital Marketing Report Q4 2016 | Merkle


Advertiser investment in digital marketing still keeps growing year-over-year, including for the major channels of display: Paid search, social media, display, & organic search shows high rates of performance.

Read the below indicators to gain the performance insights of major industry players like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Yahoo:

  • Google ad spend, and Google click traffic has increased rapidly in Q4 2016 with a rate of 19% and 20% respectively.
  • Google text ads have grown only modestly compared to Google PLAs (Product Listing Ads). PLA spend grew at least 30% every quarter in 2016 compared to less than 15% growth each quarter for text ads.
  • Phone organic search visits fell year-over-year. In the first quarters ever in which phone visits declined, but growth rebounded in Q3 and Q4 with 9% and 13% growth, respectively.
  • Facebook continues one of the fastest growing investments for digital advertisers, with at least 38% year-over-year spend growth every quarter in 2016 and 65% growth in Q4.
  • B2B, retail and travel advertisers saw the highest growth in Google search ad spend in Q4 2016. B2B and financial services advertisers showed the largest increases in spending growth rate from Q3 to Q4, and the largest click growth in Q4.
  • Search ad spending across Bing ads and Yahoo Gemini decreased to reach 13% in Q4 2016, after 14% in Q3 2016.
  • Spending growth for Bing product ads rebounded to 16%, while advertiser spending on non-brand search ads decreased to reach 15% in Q4 2016 across Bing and Yahoo, down from a 14% decline in Q3.
  • Phone paid search click share grew to hit 47%, while Tablet paid search click share falls to 9% in Q4 2016.
  • eBay Commerce Network advertisers saw revenue driven by ads on the network rise 30% Y/Y

Digital Marketing Report Q4 2016-Merkle

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