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eCommerce Trends 2020: The 7th Edition | Divante

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We are living in an era of change and technology. As everything is evolving around us we cannot neglect or deny the fact that eCommerce is taking the lead nowadays, this report focuses on the top eCommerce trends 2020.

In this report, Divante investigates 40 trends in eCommerce, rates them according to the opinions of over 250 eCommerce experts, and digs deeper into the most crucial among them.

Let’s take a look at 2019 eCommerce investments and dig a little bit deeper.

eCommerce Investments Made in 2019:

In 2019, Mobile came out on top in many aspects of the investments that year, from the most obvious (apps and payments) to indirect trends like social commerce or marketplaces which are massively used via mobile devices. 

However, here are all of the top investments in 2019:

  1. 33% Mobile Payments, Mobile Apps, Security.
  2. 32% Social Commerce.
  3. 28% Selling and Advertising on Marketplaces.
  4. 25% Free Shipping\ Returns. 
  5. 24% Internet of things, Same Day Delivery, Content Marketing. 
  6. 22% Cloud Hosting, Building a Marketplace.
the top eCommerce investments made in 2019

A figure Shows the Top eCommerce Investments Made in 2019

eCommerce Investments Planned for 2020:

These are the investments which are planned for this year:

  • The long-lasting trend is Content Marketing since 2017 it has been on the top. 
  • The number one trend that still important for customers is security.
  • There is a strong presence of solutions based on data gathering and processing such as CRMs, AI, Big Data and Algorithmic Driven Supply & Demand. 
  • Mobile apps are still a more commonly planned investment than PWAs, however, the market for mobile sales is still huge and these two solutions can coexist. 
  • Social media has entered the path of online sales as eCommerce features bring more traffic, more profit, and more engagement. 
Top eCommerce Investments Planned for 2020

A Figure Shows the Top eCommerce Investments Planned for 2020

eCommerce Trends 2020 With the Highest-Impact in the Next 5 Years:

There will be an increase in the usage of Al, Cryptocurrencies, VR and other emerging trends. It should be expected to have new ways in which customers approach online shopping globally.

Here are the top eCommerce Trends 2020:

  • 31% Artificial Intelligence.
  • 23% Mobile Payments.
  • 20% Cryptocurrencies, Social Commerce, Virtual Reality.
  • 19% Mobile Apps.
  • 18% Big Data, Internet of Things.
  • 17% Cloud Hosting, Augmented Reality, Free Shipping\ Returns, Progressive Web Apps. 
The Top eCommerce Trends 2020

A Figure Shows the Top eCommerce Trends 2020

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The Table Content of “eCommerce Trends 2020Report“:

  • Introduction
  • Key learnings 
  • Global survey results
    • Rankings of investments and ROI
    • Trends matrix
  • Trends overview
    • Do it
      • Artificial intelligence
      • Social commerce 
      • Mobile apps
    • Quick wins
      • Security 
      • Internet of things
      • Content marketing
      • Selling and advertising on marketplaces
    • Game changers
      • Cryptocurrencies 
      • Big data
      • Virtual reality
      • Augmented reality
  • What’s next?
  • Leaders in eCommerce trends implementation
  • A global approach to working with trends
  • Report methodology
  • Experts

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The goal of this research was to learn the actual actions, investments, and plans of globally operating eCommerce companies. The survey was run in Q3, 2019, among over 250 CTOs, CEOs, and eCommerce experts representing various businesses building their leading positions and sales with the use of online sales channels.



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