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Top Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Digital Marketing | Jan 27, 2020

Voice search engine optimization and artificial intelligence are concepts that have witnessed its usefulness just a few years back. These digital marketing trends have been the most innovative trends to date that are employed by most business owners of the current times.

These help in keeping businesses highly competitive in the present online landscape. This is the era where predicting consumer interests are challenging and where marketing technology moves very rapidly.

Let your business thrive & not simply survive by following these digital marketing trends that are a must for 2020:

Top Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Top Digital Marketing Trends 2020

1. Programmatic Advertising:

This is one of the most sought-after digital marketing strategies trends as it lets you target unambiguous audiences. It does so with the utilization of Artificial Intelligence for automating ad purchasing.

One example of this is real-time bidding and this automation is efficient resulting in elevated conversions. According to eMarketer, almost 88% of digital display ads market in the US will turn programmatic in this New Year.

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2. Conversational Marketing:

Modern marketing is a lot more conversational. The consumers demand it in that manner that is making the brands react in that way. For instance, when a consumer has a query, he/she, and almost approximately 83%, would seek for immediate response.  So if you are wondering which digital marketing trends to employ, conversational marketing should not be missed.

Such top digital marketing trends smooth the progress of real-time interaction between customers and marketers. The primary objective of this trend is to improve the user experience via a model that is feedback-driven and that fosters more royalty & higher engagement.

3. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence will be the core of the global industry & business in the near future and already it has taken over several simple jobs. This is one of those digital marketing latest trends that will offer massive commercial prospects for businesses. It will enhance global GDP by almost 15% between now & 2030.

AI Impact on GDP, Artificial Intelligence Impact on GDP

Artificial Intelligence Impact on GDP

AI latecomers will only experience a competitive disadvantage as if they still do not realize its significance. AI works by analyzing consumer’s search patterns & behaviors. It utilizes data from blog posts & social media platforms for assisting businesses in comprehending how customers discover their services & products.

4. AI Chatbots:

A highly vital potion of digital marketing trends 2020, this technology is based on Artificial Intelligence. With this technology, you can chat with your site visitors or consumers in real-time at any time of the night or day.

As per surveys, customer service will be powered by Chatbots in 2020. 90% of businesses are planning to employ Chatbots by 2020. Virtual assistants offer exceptional customer service by fulfilling the expectations of the customers and by automating recurring tasks. Few brands that utilize this technology currently are Pizza Hut, Sephora, The Wall Street Journal, etc.

With the growing adoption of chatbots for marketing, you must be wondering whether or not to start using these for your business. Shane Barker provided you an infographic summarized the AI Chatbots challenges and opportunities you need to understand. It will help you decide that by detailing the opportunities and challenges associated with the use of chatbots.

AI Chatbots Opportunities

Infographic Source:

Check the full infographic to learn why you should be using AI chatbots for your business. Also, find out the challenges that you might face if you decide to use an AI chatbot.

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5. Personalization:

Amidst the many digital marketing design trends, if you do no personalize your advertising, you really cannot make your brand stand out in this New Year. Personalizing content, emails, and products are important.

As per stats, almost 65% of consumers feel annoyed with nonspecific advertising blasts. Almost 95% of people assert that personalization is appealing to them. Personalized emails that depend on behavior are 3 times better in comparison to blast-&-batch emails. Learn digital marketing trends like this today if you want to stand out.

6. Social Media Marketing:

Following social media marketing trends diligently is what numerous brands will do in 2020. The potential of interactive & video content on social media is humungous as it will engage consumers in the best way possible. But brands must always be authentic on all their social channels. By this, they will be able to cultivate a community of loyal & engaged followers.

Businesses can thrive in organic social media massively and this kind of brand humanization is necessary in the current times. The social media trends that must be tracked are:

  1. Facebook Watch: This is the platform’s very personal video-on-demand service
  2. Cross-stream Messaging: This includes Facebook’s incorporation of messaging functionalities of Whatsapp, Messenger & Instagram

7. Mobile App Marketing:

Mobile has taken over a share of the US consumers’ wallet. Retailers leveraged mobile to drive both in-store and digital traffic. Globally, mobile is set to comprise nearly 75% of total e-commerce transactions by 2021.

Adapting a new mobile marketing strategy can help companies in stepping up their marketing game in 2020 and giving them an edge over their competitors in their respective industry verticals. Even expert mobile app development companies and market analysts suggest opting for a mobile-first approach to your marketing plan has become essential for businesses nowadays.

Ignorance Is Bliss But Not This Time!

Now you know the digital marketing trends that can never be disregarded in 2020. Do not overlook the future prospects by looking just at the present or the past. When you are engaged in digital marketing, you must perceive change as the most important part of your job.

Digital marketing in business can only thrive when you follow the latest trends. Embracing new technologies & strategies is a must for attaining an edge over all competitors.


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