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Email is extensively used as a form of business communication and overall it is a highly effective and powerful communication tool. This survey shows that most of the white-collar in EMEA region are checking their work and personal email at least every few hours. Males and younger respondents – aged 18-24 years – are more likely to check their email every few hours than females and elder ones.

The below brief will keep you up with the changing technology trends of email usage in 2017:

Email Usage in EMEA Region

  • 76% of respondents reported that they check their email as often as they should, compared with 20% who do so too often.
  • 63% said they spend 1 hour or less in checking their personal email, compared with 47% who do so but for work email.
  • Most of the respondents check their email while watching TV/movie (57%), on vacation (44%) or in bed (41%).
  • Desktops/Laptops and smartphones are the most used devices for checking email with rates of 79% and 75% respectively.
  • 43% claimed that they opened/read 100% of their received work email, compared with only 20% of personal email.

Email Innovation and Marketing

  • Spam filters and improved mobile viewing have improved respondents’ email experience the most with rates 26% & 16% respectively.
  • Email is the most preferred contact method by brands with a rate of 63%.
  • 45% of respondents hope that marketing emails be less about promotions and provided more information.
  • In terms of the most annoying thing when reading an email from a brand on a smartphone, 20% said the scroll too much and 19% said the not optimized message for mobile.
  • Getting emailed too often by a brand is also the most annoying thing when receiving an email offer from a marketer.
  • In contrast, 51% said receiving special offers and promotions is considered as the most interested in receiving from a brand.
Email Use in 2017 – EMEA Report | Adobe

Graph Shows Frequency of Checking Both Work & Personal Email in 2017


Data were driven from 3,028 white-collar participants who own a smartphone in EMEA region. The data were collected from July 10 to July 24, 2017.

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