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Gaming has long played a prominent role in entertainment both online-and-offline, and gaming communities have expanded significantly. Gaming has now become so mainstream, with 86% of internet users worldwide said they have gamed on at least one device within the past month – going up to 92% among 16-24s.

This extensive growth has been driven by trends like the move to online in gaming, the emergence of online multiplayer platforms in huge numbers, and the boom in the popularity of freemium games on mobile and PC.

The latest Gaming Trends Report Launched by GlobalWebIndex addresses some of the big questions in the gaming industry:

  • What’s next for mobile gaming?
  • Do consoles still have a role to play in the future gaming landscape?
  • How will spectator gaming change the landscape of gaming?
  • Will cloud gaming be the next big gaming trend for 2019?

Headline Results of the Gaming Trends in 2019:

  • Global smartphone ownership has increased by 15% since Q3 2015 and has now reached 95% among internet users 16-64.
  • Older gamers, aged 55-64s, prefer games like online board/card games (12%), puzzle/platform (11%), and shooter games (11%). 65% of them use at least one device for gaming.
  • Gaming on consoles is much less widespread, even if it still receives a lot of attention. Games consoles typically see their strongest engagement rates in mature markets such as the USA (35%), the UK (33%), and Canada (33%).
  • 4 in 10 mobile gamers say gaming is one of the main reasons they use the internet.
  • Only 1 in 5 mobile gamers have purchased a mobile game in the past month.
  • Only 5% of mobile gamers own a VR Headset. Most of them are males.
Figures Show the Demographics of VR Headset Owners Among Mobile Gamers - Gaming Trends Report 2019

Figures Show the Demographics of VR Headset Owners Among Mobile Gamers

The Content of “Gaming: The Trends Report 2019“:

  • Key Insights
  • Overview
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Console Gaming
  • PC Gaming
  • Spectator Gaming
  • Gaming Franchises
  • Notes on Methodology
  • More from GlobalWebIndex

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