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Gaming: An Examination of How the Gaming Landscape Is Changing, Q3 2017 | GlobalWebIndex

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PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and more are all an evidence that the gaming technology has completely transformed into a huge market among players of all ages. The games industry has clear business incentives to take the lead in reshaping the digital media landscape shaded by on-the-go advantage offered by mobiles.

Take a quick glance at the mobile gaming landscape future and what kind of opportunities does spectator gaming present:

Gaming Insights:

  • 87% of internet users reported that they have gamed on at least one device.
  • 4 in 10 of respondents cited that entertainment such as gaming is a very important motivation to use the internet.
  • Smartphones and personal PC/Laptop dominate on the devices used for gaming with a rate of 64% and 61%, respectively.
  • The vast majority of the respondents across all regions and ages are more likely to own a PC/laptop and mobile compared to the games console.
  • Mobile gamers are now spending around 3 hours and 20 minutes per day online via their smartphone.
  • Just 4% of mobile gamers are currently own a VR headset which represents a very low rate.
  • 60% of those who do not think that gaming is a keen interest for them are still playing games on their smartphone.
  • 17% of Hardcore gamers – those who devote 3 or more hours per day on their games consoles – state an actual intention to purchase one of the gaming devices in the next 6 months, the ratio jumped to around 1 in 5 among the 25-54s group.

Gaming Landscape by Age and Region:

  • Respondents aged 16-44s old are more likely to play games on any device (Mobile, PC/Laptop or Games Console).
  • Online adults are around 4x as likely to own a PC/laptop or mobile compared to a games console.
  • Games consoles see their strongest engagement rates in the US and the UK (43% for both), Canada (42%) and then Australia (37%).
  • The Asia Pacific and MEA regions have seen around a 50% decrease in console ownership figures, in a parallel with 23% decline in the consumers’ usage of these devices for gaming in the MEA.
  • Around 7 in 10 from APAC, LATAM and the MEA are gaming via their smartphone.
Gaming: An Examination of How the Gaming Landscape Is Changing, Q3 2017 | GlobalWebIndex 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Graph Shows the Gaming Activities of Gamers Worldwide in Q3 2017


Data were driven from over 350,000 internet users aged among 16-64s, with appropriate quotas on age, gender and education (meaning that they interview representative numbers of men vs. women of 16-24s, 25-34s, 35-44s, 45-54s and 55- 64s and of people with secondary vs. tertiary education).


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