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Getting Ready for Ramadan 2017 in MENA | Effective Measure

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As Ramadan approaches; marketers, media planners, and owners in MENA region need to fuel their online marketing efforts with a significant amount of data about the region internet users and their plans, and what they anticipate doing more or less during the holy season of “Ramadan”.

Below are some of the key insights based on a recent survey:

  • 54% of users said that they will be increasing their spending money on food and beverages.
  • 21% of people will travel during Ramadan while 23% tend to travel during Eid al-Fitr & 13% during Eid al-Adha.
  • 50% won’t watch any Ramadan TV series, but 4% tend to watch the repeating, and 33% live on TV & 13% will watch them online.
  • Social networking leads the online activities that will witness an increase during Ramadan (24% of users). Among social networking platforms that will be used heavily during Ramadan; WhatsApp & Facebook are equally topping the list while Pinterest came the least.
  • Online shopping and streaming music are the least activities than would witness an increase during Ramadan (3% and 2% respectively).
Users in Ramadan

A Graph Shows The Percentage of Users Planning to Do More of The Mentioned Activities During Ramadan.


Data were driven from 2,551 respondents in the MENA region in February-March 2017.


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