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A Global Perspective of Mobile Consumer Experience, June 2017 | IAB

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Today’s consumers around the globe are living in an “always-on” world due to mobile devices and mobile internet access.

This study examines how consumers access, perceive, use, react to mobile advertising among global smartphone owners and mobile internet users:

  • 63% of smartphone owners globally use their mobile device every 30 minutes at least, third of these heavy users (22%) do so every 5 minutes.
  • 49% of smartphone users globally spend at least 3 hours each day on their mobile device, 22% of these users spend 6 hours or more.
  • The majority of mobile web and mobile app users access the internet via these platforms daily/multiple times a day, 88% & 84% respectively.
  • Remembering the mobile ads within the first few days the ad was originally shown, 90% on the mobile web and 86% on mobile apps.
  • 45% have taken a kind of action after seeing an ad on the mobile web, while 47% have done the same on mobile apps.
A Global Perspective of Mobile Consumer Experience, June 2017 | IAB 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Chart Shows the Mobile Ads Perception Compared to a Year Ago


Data were driven from 3600 participators fielded in 18 markets, aged +18, smartphone owners, aware of and use the mobile web and/or mobile apps to access the internet on their mobile device.


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