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Holiday Shopping Survey 2018: North America | AdColony

Shopping Seasons | North America

Holiday shopping season is a highly tracked time full of analytics, statistics, behaviors, and trends. AdColony has conducted a new survey investigates the shopping behavior and preferences of consumers in North America, USA and Canada during the 2018 shopping season. The study dug deeper on how mobile device plays a vital role in the buying process.

Key Findings of Holiday Shopping Survey 2018:

  • The study showed that nearly 70% of holiday shoppers in North America, USA & Canada are between 45 and 74 years old.
  • The smartphone is the most used device for shopping; with 38% of shoppers always use it for purchasing.
  • Apparel is the most purchased category on mobile devices during the holiday season, followed far by Home Goods.
  • 43% have purchased something on their mobile device, directly from an advertisement.
Top Purchasing Categories Via Mobile Devices in North America, 2018

A Pie Chart Shows the Top Purchasing Categories Via Mobile Devices in North America in 2018

Content of “Holiday Shopping Survey 2018: North America” Report:

  • About the study.
  • Holiday shoppers’ demographics.
  • Devices used to make online purchases.
  • The role of mobile during the holiday shopping season.
  • Top products purchased.
  • Consumer interactions with ads.

Number of Pages:

  • 17 Pages.


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The AdColony Holiday Shopping Survey 2018 was distributed globally and garnered more than 1,000 responses. This report focuses on the results from North America (the USA and Canada). Respondents are aged 14 years old to over 75 years old.


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